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The Wrinkles of Your Mind

Updated: May 14, 2023

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In his book titled, Samadhi, The Highest Wisdom, Swami Rama says, “You frown for no reason, and in this manner you increase your wrinkles and nothing else. You form a habit. A mild habit can become medium and then intense. You can watch yourself: the smallest impression that you keep in your unconscious mind can grow stronger. When your interest in the sensation increases, and your actions and thoughts associated with the sensation are repeated over and over, the impressions grow stronger and stronger.” [Pp. 120]

Having read that, a student wrote, “How to deal with these impressions swami rama!”

Here is a response from this author to the questioner:

As you meditate you will increase your ability to observe yourself. As you observe yourself all day, constantly, you will observe exactly what Swamiji speaks about. You will perhaps see yourself frowning or becoming irritated over the smallest things. These are unconscious habits. They are impressions in the unconscious mind. When, in your constant witnessing of yourself, you observe these unconscious habits, you can choose to relax and not strengthen them. Instead of frowning you might choose to smile. Instead of intensifying the feeling of irritation you might choose to laugh. You can begin to eliminate them in this way.


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