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The Himalayan Yoga-Meditation Tradition

A human being is a citizen of two worlds.  Most people live only in the outer, physical-sensual world, with their attention on body, relationships, career, pleasures and pains, and have little or no awareness that anything else exists. Yet, something else does exist. A central goal of the Tradition is to know oneself on all levels, both the outer—physical and the inner—mind and consciousness.  

For millennia, in their cave monasteries in the Himalayas, great souls delved into the inner-world through the practices of yoga meditation and claimed their full dual-citizenship. After realizing the Absolute Truth, these adepts went out as emissaries to teach what they learned, and the Himalayan Tradition spread from India across Asia and more recently to the West.
The Tradition is handed down from teacher to student in a lineage — a river of wisdom and knowledge flowing through the ages. Although the Tradition comes to us through time, it is not the musty knowledge of a bygone day, but timeless living wisdom as true today as it was in the moment of creation. It is fresh and alive because of the existence of great adepts who attain Self-awareness and Self-mastery and verify and exemplify the fullness accessible through the practices of the Tradition.

Swami Rama was such an adept, and he brought this particular stream of the Tradition to the World.  He left his body in 1996, and his disciple Swami Veda Bharati  and others continued the teaching.
The Himalayan Tradition teaches all aspects of yoga, including the basic practices of hatha yoga, breath practices, relaxation, and meditation, along with yoga philosophy, psychology, holistic health, diet, stress-relief, and meditative life-style—all of which is taught by Hymla.


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