Thought Bite: Japa

An important practice in Yoga is Japa, which means mental repetition of a mantra.

Regarding japa, Swami Rama said, "The highest level of japa is when japa goes on by itself all the time. That is called ajapa japa. Japa goes on without conscious effort. You get up in the morning and japa is already going on.

It means japa has embedded itself in the unconscious mind, which is rather difficult. Anywhere you are japa is going on inside, you are laughing to yourself, japa is going on; you are angry with your children, japa is going on and you are not really angry.

This way japa transforms your inner situation, your life. It is something great. “


                 - Swami Rama in OM, The Eternal Witness, Pg. 145.


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