The Annual 40-Day Spiritual Festival 2020

Each summer during the 40 days that precede Guru Purnima, sadhakas are invited to participate in the 40-Day Spiritual Festival, to expand and refine one’s sadhana

In 2020, the 40-Day Spiritual Festival will begin on 27th May and will end on 5th July, which is Guru Purnima.

These 40 days are celebrated wherever you are.

“We are all here for a purpose; it is an on-going spiritual process. We are all here for spiritual liberation and serving that mission. For that purpose we are purifying ourselves of our pride and ego. For these reasons we train ourselves in constant self-observation: to see oneself, to hear oneself to develop this internal dialogue. I have used one criterion for all my thoughts, my words, and my actions: ‘Is this conducive to spiritual liberation.’” – Swami Veda Bharati

It is a time to contemplate (and talk with others about) the many ways you can participate.

For guidelines and suggestions, please see: